NPB Advisors

To help you get a better feel for how we work with our clients, here is an example of how we help local businesses not just survive the benefit plan chaos, but to thrive within it.

A local technology company was having success and their company was growing. We first met with them and outlined their options as they transitioned from having independent contractors to actual employees. We helped implement a comprehensive benefit plan that met their budget and kept them competitive within their industry. We also helped them create HR policies and procedures that kept them compliant and provided structure to their growing organization.

As they continued to grow, they purchased a similar organization and had to integrate the two companies’ employees, cultures, and business expectations. In addition to modifying our benefit strategy along the way to accommodate the growth, we helped them to avoid several potentially costly experiences with the employee transitions and possible future liabilities.

Their continued growth has now put them on track to be a thriving, competitive organization with a solid benefit plan, consistent and enforceable HR policies, plan documentation, and an understanding of how their benefit plan has helped them attract and retain the highest quality employees in a very competitive field.