Insurance Brokerage and Plan Marketing

This is the “Nuts and Bolts” of benefit plans. We will search the marketplace to find the best fit for your business’s needs, whether that is participation in an Association Health Plan or self-funding your plan to gain control and cost savings.

Plan Consulting

Aligning your benefit plan with your organization’s overall goals and budget requires thoughtful planning and education. Both you and your employees need to understand how the modern healthcare plan operates and the cost of coverage and services. This is where we separate ourselves from the traditional broker and become your business partner.

Employee Education

Just providing a benefits plan for your employees isn’t enough any longer. The cost is too high and the benefit is too important to just put in a plan and hope that your employees will thank you for it. We work with you to create employee communication and educational materials so that your employees understand what you provide and the value they get from it. We take that responsibility off of your desk and provide you the tools to succeed.

Plan Compliance

Trying to stay compliant with the ever-changing regulatory guidelines is a full-time job. Fortunately for you, we work at this full-time. We will keep you and your plan compliant with the rules and provide you with resources and guidance surrounding your Human Resources policies and procedures.

Benefit Trends

While changes may not be permanent, change is.  As your business grows and your employee’s needs change, your business strategies and benefit plan needs to adapt.  We stay current on what is happening in the insurance marketplace and in the business community to make sure your plan is perfect for today and for tomorrow.  Using updated benchmarking and data analytics we make sure your plan delivers the best results for you and your employees.

Wellness Plans

To get the most from your benefit plans, you should support it by engaging your employees on how to use the plan and how to take care of themselves.  After all, you don’t just want any employees, you want happy, healthy, productive employees.  We guide you through all phases of evaluating, designing, implementing, and measuring the results of wellness plans.

Resources: We will provide you with resources, advice, and materials on:

Carrier Resources:

Washington State Health Exchange

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Resources: